Deliver application access—anywhere
Introducing extend & AcuToWeb 10.2


Deliver Application Access-Anywhere

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Improving the customer experience (CX) is the #1 priority for IT leaders, according to global research firms. Enhancing how end-users engage with your organization, its products, and its services will lead to lasting competitive advantage and new opportunity. But, for those with ACUCOBOL® applications, what is the best approach?

extend® & AcuToWeb 10.2 launch

Discover how the latest versions of Micro Focus extend and AcuToWeb provide a simple and straightforward approach to UI transformation, web deployment and mobile computing.

Watch this video and:

  • Learn why customer experience matters and how to address this need for ACUCOBOL applications
  • Explore what’s new in the latest versions of extend and AcuToWeb
  • See how to instantly transform ACU applications for web and mobile platforms
  • Hear why ACUCOBOL customers are deploying new ACUCOBOL solutions

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