9 Things to Consider When Selecting a Release Management Solution

Discover what the leading marketing vendors are offering.

Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a DevOps Release Management Solution, 2016–17

Analyst Paper

Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a DevOps Release Management Solution, 2016–17

16 pages | Michael Azoff, Ovum

If you're looking to improve your software application delivery process, you're probably looking at DevOps Release Management solutions. But how do you pick the best solution?

This report compares solutions from the leading vendors in the market and explains what each solution can do for your business.

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  • What the leading market vendors can provide your organization
  • What criteria to consider when selecting a DevOps and release management vendor
  • The future of DevOps and the technologies it's driving
  • How Serena has evolved its solution to the needs of DevOps

Make informed, imaginative business decisions to ensure your release management solution perfectly fits the needs of your business.


This report is focused on the part of the application lifecycle management (ALM) called release management and automation. With every IT wave, and DevOps is no exception, there is a rush of startups to provide tooling, as well as existing specialist vendors adapting to the new trend. With DevOps, when in 2010/11 it looked like it had a good future ahead of it, the large IT players made acquisitions. The result is that some of the established ALM vendors offer release management solutions, but there are also vendors dedicated to this activity, including new players in the market.