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Build future talent and core IT skills needed to support your business.

Many organizations have built their business on the power and portability of the COBOL language. Most core business applications are written in COBOL, but as existing programmers retire, finding new skills to maintain and modernize these systems is often difficult. To stay competitive, organizations must replenish these core skills as they modernize for the future.

To meet this challenge, a new approach is needed—a path and program to skills development, collaboration, and engagement by academic, corporate, and industry leaders. This is where the Micro Focus Academic Alliance comes in.

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As a Micro Focus Academic Alliance Partner, you'll be uniquely placed to help shape the application development and modernization skills that already supports 90% of Fortune 500 business systems and power 85% of all daily business transactions.

The Micro Focus COBOL Academic Program is dedicated to uncovering and training the next generation of IT talent—the very people your company will depend on to maintain and modernize core business applications. It's a membership opportunity within the Academic Program that enables organization leaders to ensure they have the IT skill sets needed to support current and future business goals.

Through the program, we put alliance members in touch with local universities to access the IT talent of tomorrow. You can advertise internships and careers on our site to find the talented individuals you need to maintain core business systems. Partner with us and become part of the solution. Join the Academic Alliance today.

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