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Change the game on your next job interview. Build a lasting and rewarding skill set that employers need.

Today's business organizations need developers with COBOL, .NET, and Java skills but frequently struggle to find that unique skillset. With over 70% of all business transaction processing still reliant on COBOL, there is a growing need to modernize these business applications. There's also an increasing number of COBOL programmers retiring, which places programmers skilled in both COBOL and modern language in high demand—and in line for high rewards.

Our program will equip you with a relevant, sustainable IT skill that organizations need now and into the future. You'll be fluent in the programming language that supports 90% of Fortune 500 business systems every day. Coupled with modern language skills such as .NET and Java, your new COBOL skills will set you apart from the competition. Learn modern COBOL skills and change the game on your next job interview.

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Did you know?

Over 240 billion lines of code used by global enterprise organizations is written in COBOL.

This represents over 65% of all active code—and 85% of all daily business transactions.

COBOL is the engine behind modern business, generating 200 times more transactions per day than Google and YouTube searches combined.

And with 5 billion lines of new COBOL code being developed every year and a corporate need to modernize these critical business systems, your new IT skills will be in demand for the foreseeable future.

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This new Micro Focus eBook is written for the COBOL, Java, and .NET developer. Your mission: Start a new era of innovation powered by modern tools that bridge COBOL systems to the world of Java and .NET.


Visual COBOL® Personal Edition gives you a free student license for educational use, and is your chance to learn a new skillset that employers need.

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