Push multitudes of changes easily—without the pains of merging

Streams easily model complex development workflows and delivery processes to support large parallel development efforts. Change propagation is a seamless and painless process, often plagued with traditional branches and merging. Streams allow you to push multitudes of changes of any size to 10s or 100s or streams in seconds. Streams allow development teams to:

  • Model the entire development process
  • Gain visibility to active changes and make well informed real-time decisions
  • Quickly release features and hotfixes
  • Greatly reduce time and manual work often found with traditional branching and merging
  • Easily create hierarchies of streams to create logical stages to support CI/CD processes

Improve your software delivery with Change–Based Development

Change-Based development guarantees which stories, issues, or defects are in a release and is traceable throughout the entire SDLC. Development teams achieve full true change-based traceability where they can unlock their full development potential and accelerate their delivery.

  • Powerful workflow and process automation
  • Reduce merge complexity with “change asset” (Change Package) merging
  • Make well-informed decisions from having complete autonomy and visibility
  • Improve team and stakeholder collaboration with a common business language
  • Integrate with other third-party tools: HPQC, ClearQuest, Remedy, Rally, JIRA

Built–in SCM best practices

Developers work in their own private workspace streams (sandboxes). This encourages continual commits of “in progress” work without prematurely sharing private changes with other team members. This ensures that the shared team stream or integration stream isn’t polluted with untested changes. Developers have confidence in working off of the “known-good” code base.

  • Remove bottlenecks resulting from custom scripting
  • Automate best practices and control throughout the entire development process
  • Promote code review best practices by integrating with Crucible
  • Reliably rebuild the code base at any time, 100% guaranteed in seconds
  • Full IDE integrations with: Eclipse, Visual Studio, and IntelliJ

Git adoption in the enterprise with GitCentric

An Enterprise Git solution which addresses the unique needs of large enterprise software development environments. It allows for enterprise security and central administration without disruption to the Git users. It provides developers the freedom to use Git natively in a secure environment without compromising enterprise security or governances.

  • Visualization and process modeling of the entire development process
  • Integrated code review with Gerrit allow for built-in best practices
  • Fully supports Change-Based Development for asset change management
  • Control scale, reduce clutter, and take action with dead or stale Git branches