Micro Focus Orbix Mainframe™ offers a set of mainframe-native application development and integration tools and services that make it easy to integrate mainframe systems. It enables IT organizations to reuse business procedures and logic locked inside their mainframe applications, transactions, and data, consistently and with the right support.

  • Mainframe programmers can focus on business services and usability
  • Automatically manages network, communications, and message representation
  • Promotes reuse of valuable mainframe assets
  • Mainframe programmers can achieve development and integration goals using their current skills
  • Combine mainframe investments with digital strategy without rewriting in Java
  • Link mainframe applications to other resources using proven technologies
  • Deploy enterprise-quality web services
  • Bridge component technology domains using industry standard technologies
Essential development tools and capabilities

Orbix Mainframe enables you to integrate mainframe assets with other systems. It also enables COBOL, PL/I and C++ developers to expose mainframe applications as reusable services.

Essential development tools and capabilities