Micro Focus Orbix™ 6 Enterprise is the world’s leading CORBA implementation, with over 20 years of successful deployments in many of the largest companies worldwide. With Web service connectivity, Orbix 6 gives you the ability to seamlessly integrate your Orbix deployments with non-CORBA systems, without the need to change any code.

  • Designed for extreme system performance and scalability
  • Enterprise qualities of service
  • Access to 24x7 CORBA technical support
  • Supports large organizations around the world
  • Security services secure large-scale CORBA deployments
  • Monitors throughput in your CORBA-based applications
  • Backs up CORBA services for hot failover
Orbix 6 Standard Edition

Orbix 6 Standard Edition is enterprise-ready, providing all the services and functionality required for your CORBA middleware needs.

Orbix 6 Standard Edition
Orbix 6 Enterprise Edition

Available in both C++ and Java on a large variety of platforms, Orbix 6 Enterprise is the most advanced CORBA product available today. Orbix Enterprise provides all the features and benefits described for Orbix Standard, plus more flexibility and wider functionality for organizations that need it.

Orbix 6 Enterprise Edition