Faster access to business data

Relativity design tools enable developers to quickly craft relational table views of COBOL records. Once the tables are defined, business users can immediately connect modern reporting tools, such as Microsoft Excel, which treat the COBOL data files as another relational data source. Fast access to COBOL data in a matter of hours.

No code changes

Because Relativity works with your existing COBOL data files, there’s no need to re-architect or change your application code.

Unlock application data

The COBOL data file is a fast and efficient mechanism for storing application data but it is a proprietary format, accessible only through the COBOL language. Relativity provides secure and standards based access for virtually any ODBC or JDBC enabled tool or application to consume COBOL data and enable multiple integration points with your application.

Real-time data access

Relativity provides SQL-based, relational data access to COBOL data files, not replicated copies. The end user sees exactly the same data at exactly the same time as the COBOL application.

Data modernization made easy

Fully integrating an RDBMS solution with existing COBOL applications can be time consuming, costly and require considerable change to the application codebase. Relativity removes this challenge by providing a fast and simple approach to data modernization with minimal impact to the existing application architecture.