What's New Activity Stream

Stay updated and in-the-loop with activity streams.

Tapping into good ideas and knowing what's going on around the organization is a key ingredient to driving innovation and better business results. Vibe includes an activity stream that brings updates on what's new from people, folders, and activities you choose to follow in your organization. And users can post quick updates via a micro-blog so their team or personal followers can keep track of their activities or status.

Much like a Facebook wall, it’s focused on your work activities and interests: you can see real-time updates in a single stream, eliminating the time-consuming step of searching for relevant information. What's New activity streams are available for individual folders and workspaces, and can be customized to include updates from any combination of folders, workspaces, favorites, or followed places and people. And access controls apply, so people will only receive updates they have rights to see.