Built-in Workflows

Streamline business processes.

Vibe is all about empowering people to collaborate and work together more effectively.

Part of that empowerment comes from its built-in workflow capabilities. They enable process automation that saves time, eliminates errors and improves overall efficiency. The workflow capabilities in Vibe streamline business processes by enabling you to create a more formal structure for collaboration processes, giving you precise control over how information flows through your organization. Vibe provides you the ability to enhance and streamline processes that are key to the success of business operations.

Unlike other collaboration solutions that offer workflow, Vibe doesn’t require users to be programmers or developers in order to deploy its workflow capabilities. Not only is it simple to implement and use, but it employs an easy-to-understand structure made up of states, transitions, entries, folders, notifications, settings, and access control.

The workflow engine in Vibe has the ability to handle and facilitate simple workflows to extremely complex business process workflows. However, you don’t have to start from scratch to take advantage of workflows in Vibe. We provide an online Vibe Library that provides a downloadable collection of existing entry forms and workflows that have been designed to solve specific business problems. You can also easily modify and adjust workflows to optimize their execution according to your unique requirements.