Intranet Software Meets Social Collaboration

Use Vibe as intranet software—enhance the meaning of intranet.

Intranets have become an effective way to share internal information and communications with your workforce. But they are largely disconnected portals where information is a static fact, and they must be duplicated (and kept updated) from its source.

With Vibe, you can make an intranet more interactive by connecting the content presentation with the creation source and wrapping it with social tools where conversation and ideas can flow in context.

Some intranet content may not need to be more interactive. But much of what populates internal portals is really team-based information provided by people who could be better served with a collaborative tool that seamlessly allows them to work together socially, publish information, and communicate with their audiences.

With Vibe, you can augment an existing intranet with custom landing pages that give your people the official information they need and the dynamic tools to share ideas and connect better as a team.

For example, with drag-and-drop ease, you can quickly build a site that:

  • Conveys your organization's mission and brand
  • Presents official policies, calendars, and more
  • Provides a forum for dynamic interactions through surveys, blogs, and business social micro-blogging

Control settings let you determine who can post or access content. And with the built-in workflow engine, you can automate anything from approval processes to content updates as they are made in underlying team workspaces.

By creating a robust digital "gathering place" for internal information and conversation, Vibe makes it easy for you to give your employees quick access to the content and connections they need to drive success.