Team Workspaces

Create high-performance teams.

The most powerful ideas come from a broad set of diverse minds. Vibe provides digital workspaces that give you a simple and powerful way to unite the people, information, and resources required to address an undertaking of any size. These can be small projects that last only a few days and involve a handful of members, or they can be multi-year ventures that span continents and require thousands of team members.

Members can be brought into teams from multiple organizations. Vibe facilitates the creation of virtual teams based on the match between expertise, skills, availability, and business need, rather than proximity or organizational charts.

Project leaders and team members can use Vibe workspaces to store and organize all information related to a specific project, such as ideas, plans, research, milestones, tasks, expected outcomes, work in progress, and more. From within these workspaces, Vibe enables teams to digitally connect data from different collaboration sources—including wikis, blogs, forums, email, calendars, documents, and web pages—and aggregate relevant information based on the needs of a specific project.

Vibe consolidates and integrates many collaboration tools into one secure powerfully indexed solution that empowers team members to work together more intelligently, creatively, and productively.