Workflow Software

Workflow features save time, eliminate errors, and improve efficiency.

The built-in workflow capabilities in Vibe let you automate, streamline, and enhance processes to save time, eliminate errors, and improve overall efficiency. The workflow engine in Vibe facilitates everything from simple workflows to extremely complex business process workflows.

Vibe workflows can even integrate with external third-party systems. Its workflow capabilities help you create a more formal structure for collaboration processes. You can have precise control over how information flows through your organization. And your users don’t have to be programmers or developers to deploy the workflow capabilities in Vibe, unlike other collaboration solutions that offer workflow.

Vibe makes it easy to build and customize powerful workflows. And we even provide a growing library of downloadable workflows and entry forms so workflow creation doesn't have to start from scratch. All Vibe workflows can be easily modified and adjusted to bring them in line with optimal execution to save time and effort while enabling team members to stay focused and keep business moving forward.