Team and Workforce Productivity

Greater team productivity and project collaboration.

Securely access projects, documents, and content by using a mobile interface that is optimized for smartphones and tablets, while mobile apps for Apple iPhone and Google Android simplify access. Mobile workers can also contribute to the conversation through email integrations and notifications.

People from all over the world can work together very efficiently. Without needing IT help, workers can easily create their own ad hoc project teams and workspaces. They can identify and gather the team members who can contribute the right expertise, knowledge, and value they need for their project.

Project leaders and team members can use Vibe workspaces to store, organize, and share all information related to a specific project. This includes things like:

  • Documents
  • Ideas
  • Plans
  • Research
  • Milestones
  • Tasks
  • Expected outcomes
  • Work in progress

Vibe lets your teams connect data from different collaboration sources, including wikis, blogs, forums, email, calendars, documents, web pages, and aggregate information based on the needs of a specific project.

Vibe consolidates collaboration tools into one secure, powerfully indexed solution that lets team members work together more intelligently, creatively, and productively.