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  • Build and modernize COBOL applications within an industry-leading IDE—Eclipse
  • Deploy COBOL applications across a wide range of platforms including Windows, Unix, Linux, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Docker, and the Cloud

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Windows x86/x64 Platforms

  • Windows
  • Windows Server

Z/Linux on 390 Platforms

  • SUSE®
  • Red Hat

Unix Platforms

  • Solaris on SPARC
  • Solaris on Intel
  • HP-UX on Itanium

Linux on Intel X86/X64 Platforms

  • SUSE
  • Red Hat
  • Oracle


"Micro Focus Visual COBOL enables us to reuse the same code across the client-server and web versions of our applications, in both .NET and JVM platforms. This offers huge advantages in terms of maintenance and costs and gives us the ability to quickly and easily take our applications into the cloud."

Ivano Rainò   /   Head of Development, Zucchetti