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Credit Solutions Provider reduces costs and risks with Micro Focus release management solutions.

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  • Reduced release window; production release reduced from 3 hours to 35 minutes
  • Reduced script development and maintenance workload
  • Anticipated benefits of up to $3M annually through broad use of Release Contro
  • Gained an internal rate of return of 185 % over five years


The world’s largest credit solutions provider needed to launch its next-generation application platform. For this, they required a new, automated way to manage the critical code deployments that accompany an agile application development process. The chief objective was to implement enterprise-grade technology that would ensure that new releases would be delivered consistently and correctly every time, while also effectively and automatically managing the ongoing release process.


To stay competitive, the US-based company continually delivers numerous application changes into production and strives to do so without disrupting the business. Prior to using the Micro Focus release management solution, the company performed the change tasks manually, which not only created a long backlog of required changes for the IT department, but also left a critical gap between the application development and operations teams. This outdated method created tremendous risk for the business in terms of lost revenue (employee productivity), maintaining its reputation as a business (quality of products and support), and also maintaining its leadership position in the industry (business and technology innovation).

The organization needed a way to improve the significant code deployments that accompany an agile application development process. It sought out a flexible, end-to-end solution that would reduce risk and costs associated with release management, more effectively manage and track new releases, track user and system interactions, accelerate release deployment time and improve coordination to ensure all approvals are in place prior to an application deployment.


There are several reasons why the company selected Micro Focus to address its application delivery challenges. The first was functionality— the sophisticated solution had the flexibility to tailor workflows and offered flexible reporting for upper management and C-level executives. Also, the company saw that the solution was extremely easy to maintain, leading to lower maintenance costs. Easy customization was also quite attractive and helped support redundancy and scalability. Finally, because Micro Focus offered such a user-friendly licensing model and was well-suited for future growth, the company decided to halt its search for a new application delivery solution and moved forward to install the Micro Focus release management solution.

Today, the company can easily and quickly scale to support enterprise agile development—specifically, removing the bottlenecks present in release management—and ensure that new releases are consistently delivered correctly, every time.

Release management begins with proper planning. With Micro Focus Release Control, the company is able to plan and control its release processes for both mainframe and distributed systems, from definition to deployment, with an enterprise release calendar and approval process. Specific benefits include the ability to: 

  • Automate Change Across Development Systems: Using the open, web-based interfaces of Micro Focus ChangeMan ZMF or Micro Focus Dimensions CM, Release Control plans and coordinates release management activities across development systems to maintain software release integrity.
  • Stay on Top of New Release Projects: With Release Control, each release is maintained in a calendar that tracks the key milestones and deadlines. As application changes pass through the release stage gates, stakeholders receive proactive notification.
  • Clarify Duties: Release Control enforces separation of duties by providing granular role- and user-based security, ensuring that stakeholders have immediate access to the information they need.
  • Be Audit Ready: Be ready before the audit request comes in. Release Control keeps track of all user and system interactions. With a few clicks, users can trace the history of a change request or see who approved release items.


Using Micro Focus’s release management solutions, the company is able to drive efficiency throughout the entire application development process and aid in bridging the divide between the App Dev and IT operations teams. Even more beneficial, the solution empowers employees by giving them the necessary tools to move away from conducting transactional work to carrying out strategic value-add initiatives. At a more tangible level, the company is achieving software integrity, reducing costs and risk, conducting controlled changes, improving business availability, simplifying software audits, freeing up staff time and dramatically boosting their competitive edge.

With Micro Focus Deployment Automation, the company is able to dramatically improve the reliability, quality and speed of application releases, maintenance and management. Since the technology facilitates application deployment across the data center, the company can now centrally manage application releases in minutes, instead of days or hours. Specific benefits include the ability to:

  • Streamline Handover: Bridge the gap between applications and operations teams, ensuring worry-free deployments.
  • Improve Uptime: Eliminate faulty processes, errors and failures, accelerate troubleshooting, and cut the service window.
  • Slash Operational Costs: Reduce up to 90 % of the time required to release and service applications
  • Accelerate Time to Release: Go from hours to minutes to deploy and update even the most complex multi-tiered applications, improving operational agility.
  • Gain Complete Infrastructure Freedom: Manage application services across any mix of physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.

Micro Focus Release Vault is the foundation for release integrity and successful management. The company now safely stores its code until it is ready to be deployed according to its release schedule. This is very beneficial for:

  • Compliance Support: Release Vault helps the company maintain compliance by automating processes and tracking all changes from source code to production. The product provides added security by enforcing the separation of roles and responsibilities, such as denying development staff access to production releases.
  • Heterogeneous Platform Deployment: Release Vault supports both distributed (Linux, UNIX, Windows) and mainframe platforms with a unified deployment process and policy. From a single user interface, the company is able to manage deployment across all servers, including deployments that simultaneously release code to both mainframe and distributed systems.