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ZENworks helps Bexley Business Services meet budgetary goals by centralizing IT support

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With only five engineers on staff and 900 users to serve, Bexley Business Support needed a way to resolve IT issues remotely. ZENworks offered a central point of control for monitoring and support.

“Vibe gives us a ready-made environment for sharing information and best practices among medical staff.”

The Bexley Business Support Unit provides IT services to health professionals across 40 different sites in a borough of London. Their five engineers had to go from location to location to resolve issues—and this travel time was impacting budgets. Bexley Business Support needed to reach budgetary goals by fixing issues without sending personnel to the site.

ZENworks® helped Bexley Business Support automate deployment tasks and resolve issues from a central point of control. It fit in well with a mixed Micro Focus and Microsoft environment, and the strong community and active user groups meant that any questions about ZENworks would be answered quickly.

"We're using the solution to manage practically every aspect of endpoint support for almost 650 PCs across 40 sites," ICT head Pin Bhandal said. "With ZENworks, it’s easy to get the right person on the case straightaway and fixing the emerging issue remotely. This also means less downtime for the business."

The healthcare providers served by Bexley Business Support have been pleased with the results.

“The support I’m getting from Bexley IT services now allows me to access my patient records wherever I am, with an iPad or on a laptop or from a home computer,” said Dr. Howard Stoate. "That's really important to me because, as work gets more difficult for family doctors, we have to have access to our information wherever we are, in real time. I'm getting that service from our IT department in Bexley, and I’m very pleased with it."

About ZENworks

ZENworks is a family of endpoint management products that tracks, manages, and protects an organization's client devices and their respective applications. If your job is to keep a large fleet of PCs, Macs, and mobile devices healthy and productive, we're here to help.




United Kingdom

  • Deployed a flexible environment for sharing information and best practices
  • Cut travel time and costs by reducing the need to visit sites to fix users’ PCs
  • Improved consistency and quality of support, minimizing downtime for users