Comparex® (formerly Serena Comparex) is the only intelligent mainframe file comparison tool that compares changes to data, text, and directory files in a single product. Compare files on z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE platforms via both ISPF and batch interfaces.

  • Boost productivity. Reduce comparison job times by 50% to 80%.
  • Easily manage change. Create delta decks for most change management systems.
  • Compare virtually anything. Fast comparisons of libraries, directories, sequential file or databases.
Flexible and easy to use for beginners and experts alike

Comparex offers a wide variety of control parameters to meet the needs of all users, from beginners to experts. Since Comparex is accessible via an online ISPF interface or through batch execution, even novice users find it easy to take full advantage of advanced comparison functions to ensure repeatable validation across all applications.

Flexible and easy to use for beginners and experts alike
Comprehensive file and data support

Comparex is the only software comparison tool that includes text, data, and directory functionality so you can quickly and accurately validate changes and improve application development.

  • Compare any file type. Perform fast, accurate comparisons of libraries, directories, sequential files, or databases.
  • Parse copybooks. Produce accurate keyword layouts from COBOL, Assembler, PL/I or DCLGEN copybooks.
  • Compare directory members. Compare directories for member names on PDS or PDS/E libraries.
  • Text formats. Find and isolate and highlight differences in text files.
    • ADABAS
    • DB2
    • IMS
    • FOCUS
    • CA-IDMS
    • Oracle
    • Wylbur
    • CA-Librarian
    • CA-Panvalet
    • JCL
    • COBOL
    • PL/I
    • CLIST
    • REXX
    • HTML
    • XML
Comprehensive file and data support
Fast, accurate reports

Comparex finds and isolates differences in text files and highlights them in an easy-to-scan delta report. With over fifty keyword options, you can tailor the comparison criteria to meet your exact reporting requirements.

  • Display differences down to the byte or half-byte level—no matter how long the record is or how big the file is
  • Create change decks to save differences detected to a separate file (change deck) in CA-PANVALET, CA-LIBRARIAN, IEBUPDTE, or ChangeMan ZMF format
  • Convert formats automatically to compare data fields of various types
  • Choose from over 50 options for report formatting, including alphanumeric and hexadecimal display
Fast, accurate reports
Generate test data

Improve testing quality by using actual production data. Production data can be filtered to extract a subset of records for testing purposes.

Generate test data