Orbacus is a mature CORBA-compliant middleware product that has been deployed around the world in mission critical systems in the telecommunications, finance, government, defense, aerospace, and transportation industries.

Orbacus is CORBA 2.6 compliant and designed for rapid development, deployment, and support in your choice of C++ or Java. Its small footprint enables it to be easily embedded into virtually any distributed application, whether it's an enterprise application or a memory-constrained handheld. It is provided in source code form and supported directly by its development engineers.

  • Provides infrastructure for highly performant and scalable applications
  • Standards based to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Affordable CORBA ORB for a broad variety of applications
  • Deployed in thousands of systems worldwide
  • Small footprint makes Orbacus a clear choice for ISVs with CORBA requirements
  • Supports C++ and Java
  • Included security package (FSSL) provides authentication, privacy, and integrity for Orbacus applications
Cost effective

Orbacus helps end-user organizations and ISVs build distributed and integrated systems. It delivers a full-featured, CORBA-compliant ORB—a cost-effective CORBA system for better control—and our years of experience building mission-critical CORBA systems. Trial download ›

Cost effective
High performance

Orbacus has an optimized IIOP protocol stack that can use over 99% of network bandwidth under extreme loads. Developed from the ground up to be the solution of choice for ISVs, Orbacus is a highly embeddable and performant CORBA solution.

High performance
Source code available

By having Orbacus as source code, users can have direct control over their CORBA solution with the ability to choose the parts of Orbacus to use at run-time. By compiling in only the features you need, with specific compile time flags, you can reduce the application’s footprint. Plus, by creating ‘debug builds’, the user can obtain a more detailed insight into their CORBA deployment and fine-tune to fit exact needs.

Source code available