When corporate decision makers need business data, they expect ready-to-use, up-to-date results. That expectation poses an IT challenge in Unisys environments where DMSII databases are non-relational, while business intelligence (BI) tools support databases that are exclusively relational. Databridge (formerly Attachmate Databridge) inspires cooperation between BI and DMSII in your data-driven environment.

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Integrating DMSII Database Information: How Databridge Makes It Less Costly and More Practical
Flyer Integrating DMSII Database Information: How Databridge Makes It Less Costly and More Practical
  • Make better decisions. Use previously unreachable DMSII data for business analysis.
  • Generate intelligence. Integrate DMSII data, analyze trends, and create reports.
  • Stay current. Use Changed Data Capture technology to keep DMSII data current.
  • Cut costs. Control consumption of MIPS resources by offloading DMSII queries to a secondary database.
Break down barriers with ETL

Databridge is an out-of-the-box solution that makes business information readily accessible for analysis and processing. It’s an Extract, Transform, Load solution that mirrors DMSII.

Get more done

Combine data from disparate sources. Integrate it into modern business-intelligence systems. Perform rend analysis. Evaluate key performance indicators. Spend less time working out DMSII kinks, so IT and business managers can both be more productive.

Beware the coding trap

Baby-boomer programmers are heading for the door, and they’re taking their mainframe coding skills with them. So if your data access approach requires coding expertise, you may be walking a lonely road. Luckily, Databridge modernizes processes and eliminates coding needs.

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"Our Unisys vendor told us—in no uncertain terms—to go with Databridge…[Micro Focus] provided us with extremely good customer service. We turned everything around in two weeks—it was just unbelievable."
Paul Coakley   /   Permanent TSB Team Leader, Unisys Operations and Technical Support  Irish Life & Permanent Group

As a leading provider of personal financial services, Irish Life was able to save an estimated €250,000 with Micro Focus products.

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N&P uses Micro Focus Databridge to improve decision-making processes via real-time data analysis.

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