The power of DevOps comes to the mainframe. Part of the Micro Focus Enterprise suite, Sync integrates with Enterprise Developer to enable faster and more efficient parallel development at scale.

Sync frees up precious mainframe resources by replicating enterprise source code across distributed platforms and minimizes risk by preserving source integrity and SCM processes. What does it mean? DevOps levels of efficiency, flexibility, and collaboration for the mainframe.

  • Easier parallel development across releases or teams
  • Efficient management and visualization of source code change using modern tools
  • Reuse and extend current mainframe development processes and source code
  • Improved developer productivity through continuous integration
  • Faster provisioning of test resources across local, virtual and Cloud environments
  • Flexible development on or off the mainframe
Enterprise Suite 4.0
Rapid, Flexible Mainframe Application Modernization
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Faster change management

Embrace parallel development at scale by replicating mainframe source to a distributed software change management platform.

Faster change management
Rapidly respond to business change

Increase developer efficiency by up to 30 percent using modern, flexible tools that enable faster delivery and better team collaboration.

Rapidly respond to business change
Maximize mainframe investment

Deliver better quality releases, faster while preserving mainframe source integrity and established software change and configuration management processes.

Maximize mainframe investment