COBOL Development and Deployment Tools for RM/COBOL Applications

An efficient, integrated toolset for RM/COBOL application development.


RM/COBOL® is a COBOL development solution designed to maintain and modernize RM/COBOL applications. RM/COBOL is designed for optimum performance and wide portability across many different computers and operating systems.

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  • A stable, high performance COBOL deployment platform
  • Reuse existing RM/COBOL application logic to support new business requirements
  • Productive development tools to maintain and modernize RM/COBOL applications
Family Products


InstantSQL™ provides easy access to databases using Structured Query Language (SQL) from RM/COBOL.
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Provides RM/COBOL data file access from ODBC enabled tools such as Microsoft Excel. Relativity® extends the value of your applications by using off-the-shelf reporting tools to perform custom analysis and reporting.
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Optimizes shared access to remote RM/COBOL data files across your network.
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WOW Extensions

A graphical user interface technology for modernizing RM/COBOL applications. Includes support for SOA and web services.
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Xcentrisity Business Information Server for RM/COBOL

Xcentrisity is a web server environment that enables RM/COBOL applications to be accessed as Web services.

Developers can use existing COBOL applications to build a Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) that enables their applications to be accessed by Web service clients.

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Build an application strategy and roadmap aligned to your business
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A recent new feature written into our latest version would have taken around 40 hours to develop with CGI. Using the enhanced XML features in Micro Focus Xcentrisity Business Information Server and XML Extensions, this was achieved within 30 minutes."

Dave Livingston Systems Architect Table Trac