Solutions Business Manager (SBM), formerly known as Serena® Business Manager, is the leading process management and workflow automation platform for IT and DevOps. It is designed to orchestrate and automate processes and provide transparency across an organization including software development life cycle (SDLC), IT operations, and the business.

Manual vs. Automated Processes
Infographic Manual vs. Automated Processes
Micro Focus Solutions Business Manager (SBM) Commitment to Continued Innovation
Flyer Micro Focus Solutions Business Manager (SBM) Commitment to Continued Innovation
  • Increase efficiency. Automate business, software development, and IT processes.
  • Anywhere access. Keep software development moving forward through mobile, desktop, or email approvals.
  • Minimize cost. Streamline processes for better compliance, security, and audits to avoid oversight costs.
  • Increase visibility. Track and visualize the software and application development life cycle for all stakeholders.
Tech Specs
Recommended hardware:

Intel Xeon CPU E5-2620 2.00 GHz

Operating system:

Windows Server


SQL Server or Oracle



Process orchestration from start to finish

Rapidly create process-based applications for human and system work management. You can adapt these apps to your company’s or department’s specific processes, and their ease of use encourages user and stakeholder adoption. Universal use of your process app help ensures compliance and governance, while built-in reporting and auditing makes compliance problems visible right away.

Process orchestration from start to finish
Ultra-agile development and deployment capabilities

Visually compose app processes through drag-and-drop layout of workflow, forms, and orchestrations in SBM Composer™. Automate the versioning, promotion, deployment responsiveness, and delivery speed. With minimal admin and development staffing, you can fast-track the definition and implementation of process apps for IT Development and Operations.

Ultra-agile development and deployment capabilities
Smooth sailing for process stakeholders

Solutions Business Manager supports deep process orchestration, and the work center allows stakeholders to engage via feeds and social views. Calendars and backlog feeds provide well-rounded views into work items and work queues. Rich reporting and auditing deliver process visibility, including insight into bottlenecks.

Smooth sailing for process stakeholders
Extensible workflow processes and versatile workspace

SBM’s unique Kanban view enables you to customize your workflow to fit the size of your business. More flexibility is offered through the unified work center, which offers versatile collaboration between team members and stakeholders. Business constantly demands new services, and the versatility, flexibility, and extensibility of the SBM platform ensures rapid creation and delivery of new services.

Extensible workflow processes and versatile workspace
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"Vastly improved visibility is the largest area of benefit. Improved cost-of-compliance is another area of benefit."
Neil Gill  Martin-Baker Aircraft Co.

By deploying SBM, the aerospace manufacturer made the dev process transparent, reducing compliance costs and minimizing the need for staff intervention

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The ecommerce behemoth set up an agile, modern software development lifecycle with streamlined change requests and management.

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SBM helped Kingman reduce time spent on paper-based processes so staff could refocus on patients.

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This mortgage service automated key business and IT change management processes to handle complicated financial instruments.

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