Updating and integrating enterprise systems can be challenging enough, but legacy applications—with their built-in barriers—make the task even tougher. With Verastream® (formerly Attachmate® Verastream) IT can maintain business momentum and avoid some of the most notorious technology obstacles.
  • Free up host assets. Build web, mobile, and cloud-based apps with legacy data and logic.
  • Service-enable CICS apps. Reuse CICS applications without the typical challenges.
  • Create new workflows. Use an intuitive tool to transform services into processes.
  • Expand mobility. Access IBM applications from any device.
Roll out new, integrated solutions

Using the most flexible technologies available, Verastream helps you free up your legacy assets for quick reuse in a variety of projects:

  • Mobile access
  • Web enablement
  • Service enablement
  • Service orchestration
  • Cloud enablement
  • Process automation
  • Portal production
Roll out new, integrated solutions
Set the pace. Direct your course.

Modernization need not be an all-or-nothing effort. You can address business problems on an individual basis without disrupting your entire IT infrastructure. Take the incremental Verastream approach. Let each new project serve as the functional foundation for the next one.

Set the pace. Direct your course.
Scale to fit actual needs

Give all your lines of business the agile applications they need. Whether your goal is improving the workflow of legacy applications or retooling them into sets of web services, Verastream solutions can help—without making the modernization project bigger than the driving business need.

Scale to fit actual needs