Configuration Management is also part of Open Workgroup Suite and ZENworks Suite.

ZENworks® Configuration Management (formerly Novell® ZENworks Configuration Management) automates IT management processes across the lifecycles of desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. ZENworks Configuration Management's unique identity-based management capabilities make employees productive by providing them with the tools they need—regardless of what devices they use or where they choose to work.

  • Lifecycle management. Automate IT processes for applications and devices.
  • Single management console. A handful of IT staff members can manage 1,000s of devices without leaving their desks.
  • Manage by exception. Automate device configurations and user policies so that only the outliers need manual intervention.
  • Identity-based management. Deliver what end users need on the device and at the time and location they need it.
  • Application self-service. Robust self-service interfaces help users provision applications themselves rather than lean on IT resources.
Automate and accelerate your Windows 10 migration

Micro Focus ZENworks Configuration Management is ready to dramatically accelerate and automate every aspect of your Windows 10 migration efforts.

Automate and accelerate your Windows 10 migration
Boost user productivity

Use ZENworks Configuration Management to make sure users always have access to the resources they need, regardless of where they work or what devices they use.

Boost user productivity
Eliminate IT effort

Automatically enforce policies and dynamically manage resources with identity-based management of users as well as devices.

Eliminate IT effort
Expand your freedom to choose

Manage the lifecycles of all your current and future assets with full support for Windows and Linux systems, NetIQ® eDirectory, Active Directory, and more.

Expand your freedom to choose
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Windows 10 Migration
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Underwriters Safety and Claims used ZENworks to upgrade to Windows 7 in less than a month, including setting up and testing 30+ applications on each desktop.

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Bexley Business Support Unit

Using a number of different technologies, Bexley Business Support Unit has experienced less downtime for the business, significant cost savings, and great benefits for their users.

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Etty Hillesum Lyceum and OES

Etty Hillesum Lyceum manages 4,500 identities through OES. ZENworks gives them full control and visibility over the devices and endpoints in use within the school.

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