Desktop Containers is also a part of ZENworks® Suite.
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Desktop Containers (formerly Novell® Application Virtualization) helps you overcome the challenges associated with application conflicts and the ever-changing desktop and browser landscape by allowing you to create applications that can be packaged once and run on any Windows XP or higher device.

  • At a glance: Package and deploy Windows applications as accessible, containerized apps.
  • Simple: Makes it simple to build and deploy agentless containerized applications.
  • Accessible: Allows containerized applications to run locally from a USB device, or streamed or downloaded from a web portal.
  • Manageable: Provides the ability to assign access, track containerized app use, and deploy apps anywhere employees have a web connection.
  • Secure: Limit containerized application network access to only trusted sites, preventing public sites from exploiting vulnerabilities in legacy apps you containerize.
Turbo for Desktop Containers add-on

To reduce the cost and effort of building the containers yourself, you can take advantage of Turbo for Desktop Containers. This add-on features the hub subscription service with thousands of prebuilt containerized apps from Adobe, Google, Firefox, and other popular software vendors. Additionally, Turbo contains some highly requested features that improve app security and enable the use of legacy web apps.

  • hub subscription with hundreds of apps and thousands of versions
  • IP blocking locks down network access for containerized applications
  • Per application proxy and DNS virtualization
  • Browser redirector for improved user experience

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Turbo for Desktop Containers add-on
Migrating Windows has never been easier

Keeping your workforce productive—and your service desk above water—are some of the biggest challenges in any major OS migration. Desktop Containers makes your life easier by ensuring your workforce has complete access to their Windows applications before, during, and after a migration.

Migrating Windows has never been easier
Slash the time required to test and deploy applications

Desktop Containers speeds your application deployments by dramatically reducing testing time and eliminating application installations.

Slash the time required to test and deploy applications
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