Tech Specs
Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS)

Micro Focus Clients Supported
(MSS supports a wide array of features that integrate with Micro Focus terminal emulation products)
  • Compliance with United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) security policy requirements
  • Microsoft Active Directory single sign-on
  • Support for NTLM 2
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) support
  • Certificate Revocation List (CRL) support
  • Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) support
  • Certificate policy support
  • X.509 certificate support for CAC, PIV, and other smart cards
  • Kerberos 5 with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Directory Support, including support for Active Directory, NetIQ eDirectory, OpenLDAP, and other RFC compliant directory servers
  • Support for Micro Focus Advanced Authentication
Authorization (Access Control)
  • LDAP integration to restrict terminal, printer, and file transfer session access to authorized users
  • Access control for session access based on individual identity or LDAP group membership
  • LDAP-based access control enforced through secure token authorization technology
  • Dynamic LDAP group support
  • Secure terminal and file transfer connections to multiple hosts through a single port in the firewall
  • MSS Management Server log
  • MSS Security Proxy Server log
  • MSS Metering Server log
  • Log data tracks usage by LDAP-distinguished names
  • FIPS 140-2-validated cryptographic module (Certificate #2468)
  • TLS and HTTPS
  • 256-bit AES, 128-bit AES, and Triple DES
  • RSA
  • DSS/Diffie-Hellman
Support for MSS Add-On Components
  • Security Proxy Add-On: Deliver end-to-end encryption and enforce access control at the perimeter with patented security technology.
  • Advanced Authentication Add-On: Enable multifactor authentication to authorize access to your valuable host systems.
  • Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Add-On: Enable automated sign-on to IBM 3270 applications via your identity and access management system.
  • PKI Automated Sign-On Add-On: PKI-enable automated application sign-on to your critical enterprise systems.
  • Terminal ID Management Add-On: Dynamically allocate terminal IDs based on username, DNS name, IP address, or address pool.
Installation Support
  • Automated installer for Windows and Linux with all necessary components
  • Automated installer for Linux on Z runs with your supplied Java runtime
  • Native 64-bit installer support for 64-bit versions of Windows and Linux
Server Platforms Supported

Versions stated and above

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11.x
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • Windows 2008 Server R2 SP1
  • Linux on Z Systems
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
System Requirements
  • Workstations running Micro Focus client software (see Micro Focus Clients Supported above)
    • A web browser that supports Java 8 or above
    • Java Runtime Environment 8 or above
  • MSS Administrative Console
    • A web browser that supports Java 8 or above
    • Java Runtime Environment 8 or above
  • MSS Administrative Server, Metering Server, and Terminal ID Management Add-On
    • Java Servlet 2.3-compliant servlet engine and Java Server Pages (JSP) 1.2
  • MSS Security Proxy Add-On
    • Java Runtime Environment 8 or above
  • MSS Advanced Authentication Add-On
    • Micro Focus Advanced Authentication Appliance 5.2 or above
  • MSS Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Add-On
    • IBM Digital Certificate Access Service (DCAS) running on z/OS
    • OS/390 V2R10 or above
    • RACF configured for DCAS