Enterprise Messaging Archiving

Manage communication data and ensure regulatory compliance by archiving your Enterprise Messaging email system.
Archive your Enterprise Messaging messages, files, attachments, and appointments into a single archive

Enterprise Messaging enables you to have complete oversight and visibility of your messaging system by archiving all messaging data into a single, unified archive. This includes emails, appointments, files, and attachments. With built-in eDiscovery tools, you can access, search, place litigation holds, tag, print, forward, save, redact, and export archived data.

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Access your messaging data in one central location

Search, publish, and perform eDiscovery from one central location. All your messaging data, including email, tasks, folders, notes, calendar items, shared calendars, appointments, files, deleted items, and attachments are placed into one unified archive. This makes accessing and searching your archived messaging data fast and easy.

Built-in eDiscovery

Enterprise Messaging Archiving includes message deletion policies to reduce storage space and server load on your messaging system. Policies can be set to delete emails from the server after being archived, or after exceeding their retention age. Whatever your needs are, Enterprise Messaging Archiving enables you to reduce your storage costs and increase your system performance.

Email plugin

Once your messages have been securely archived, you can easily access and search your archived messages from within the Enterprise Messaging email client or WebAccess. This solution provides the ability to cache archived data based on specified criteria.

Single sign-on provided for quick access

Enterprise Messaging Archiving provides single sign-on for users to access their archives whether they are using the email client or WebAccess. This enables your end users and administrators to access valuable business data quickly and easily.

Immediate access to archived data

Enjoy near zero latency between the time a message is archived, and when it is indexed and available to be searched within the archive with the High Performance Indexing Engine. This high performance, clusterable index can support an unlimited amount of search requests as well as support a variety of formats, including load balancing and failover formats.

Deploy on-prem and in the cloud

Whether you’re looking to host Enterprise Messaging on-prem, behind your firewall, or in the cloud, the same features and functionalities are available.

Unified archiving

In addition to archiving your messaging information, Enterprise Messaging Archiving provides unified archiving of all business communication, including email, social media, and mobile communication data for case assessment, search, and eDiscovery.

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"Enterprise Messaging features a very good archiving program. If you’re running Enterprise Messaging, why would you use anything else? It is economical. It works reliably. Plus, you don’t have to be an expert to use it."
George Armstrong   /   Assistant Director-Information Services  Mildred Independent School District