Visual COBOL: Community Testimonials

Read what our customer and partner community is saying about Visual COBOL—the leading solution for COBOL application development and modernization.

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp logo

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp

"Upgrading from COBOL Workbench to Visual COBOL for Eclipse was much easier than I had anticipated. I had expected the need to rework code and was reluctant to make the move. However, the risk of continuing to use older technology, as well as the promise of a modern development toolset with mixed language support, convinced us to pursue the upgrade. It went very smoothly and any issues we encountered were quickly resolved with support from Micro Focus."

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"It is always our priority to bring together the best in class experience for our application development and management teams. With support for Visual COBOL we have taken our user experience to the next level by providing a well-integrated, seamless development and deployment of COBOL apps to our enterprise-grade platform."

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German Pension Fund

"Thanks to Visual COBOL, we can now use COBOL code more flexibly as microservices, integrated in a service-oriented architecture, to accelerate business processes."

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LV 1871

"Visual COBOL for Eclipse has helped us reduce technical debt and increase flexibility, preparing us for future business challenges. Today, we use, maintain and update fewer tools, helping developers to increase productivity and deliver state-of-the-art services to staff."



"We couldn’t believe how quickly everyone picked up on the Visual COBOL potential. Even our Microsoft .NET developers were able to use Visual COBOL within a matter of days as it integrates into their existing development tools. And, the time it takes to on-board new development interns went from many months to just a few weeks."

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New Era Life

"We had not appreciated the difference in user interface, but our developers love the new environment. Code debugging and editing is so much easier for them."

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Cooper Farms

"We feel there are still many opportunities to be exploited with Visual COBOL, and that is exactly the position we wanted to reach; flexibility and agility to meet any future challenges head-on."

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Nationwide Financial

"We successfully migrated a couple of our applications from aging development and database platforms to a more modern and cost-effective environment using Visual COBOL. The migration effort enabled us to continue to leverage these applications while mitigating risk, managing the TCO of these applications, and modernizing the user interface."

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Creative Intellect Consulting

"Most organizations today rely on COBOL systems for critical business service delivery but need to innovate faster to address competitive and legislative pressures, meet new customer demands, and enter new markets. By taking the application modernization route, reusing core business systems over other alternatives, companies can take advantage of the latest technology, dramatically reduce development costs, and improve application and organizational performance."

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Modernizing the still-massive amount of COBOL in use every day is a major concern for IT leaders, as supporting enterprise skills and systems escalate costs. Using a modern development environment, one approach is to preserve the existing COBOL logic, opening it up to business change requirements, while leveraging the latest advances in next generation technology such as Web, mobile, and the cloud. This is a low-risk approach that can enable business transformation.

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"Our journey with Visual COBOL has brought our development teams closer together, allowed us to realize significant cost savings, and increased our application performance, and as a result our service to our network of independent lumber dealers. We are delighted with the results."

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Caja de Valores

"Using Visual COBOL within our modernization project has given us unrivalled application platform stability, improved customer satisfaction, and significant cost savings. Visual COBOL was the right choice for our business."

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Bedford Systems Management Ltd.

"Using Visual COBOL, we wanted to modernize and enhance the user interface and, looking forward, we wanted to use the same back-end code to move our applications onto tablet or other mobile platforms."

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Trasmediterranea Acciona

"Using Micro Focus Visual COBOL, we can reuse our critical COBOL application, which for us is by far the lowest-risk route in taking this application to the cloud."

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Republic of Cyprus

"We were amazed at how quickly our new developers were up to speed with Visual COBOL—at least 30% faster than with the old development environment. It has given us greater productivity and efficiency gains."

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Wolters Kluwer Italia

"Visual COBOL has enabled us to achieve higher levels of developer productivity and product quality. It has enabled us to reuse and extend our existing COBOL applications to new and modern platforms. It delivered portability and flexibility for our application deployment needs. It was the right choice for our business."

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Unicon Conversation Technologies

"Visual COBOL is the fountain of youth for all legacy COBOL shops."

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Visual COBOL

"I've been programming in COBOL for 40 years; the first 25 were on Unisys and Burroughs mainframes. I recently upgraded to Visual COBOL and whilst I’m still learning the ropes, I can see there is an incredible array of debugging aids and tools to help me write better-quality COBOL applications. I’m looking forward to writing new applications using Visual COBOL."

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Romao Calcados

"We quickly established that repurposing what we had in respect of our core IP and application assets was 60% more cost-effective than rewriting or replacing existing programs."